• When the F50 came out in 1995 i wanted to see one
  • I was 12 years old
  • Then i saw a black one passing by fast
  • I tried to follow the car, not successful
  • The person driving the car had good style (but he was listening to Celine Dion) 
  • I wanted to own one and look like him (with rap music not Dion) 
  • One day maybe i will have one
  • in the meantime we decide to produce a T-shirt
  • For everyone who feel the same way, Keep pushing
  • We want to see you in a F50 with this T shirt! 
  • Let's GOOOOOO Fast!
  • Only 349 cars produced
  • So we limited the T-shirt 


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Size chart

L’ART T-shirts

S Height: 68 cm
Width: 54 cm
M Height: 70 cm
Width: 56 cm
L Height: 72 cm
Width: 58 cm
XL Height: 74 cm
Width: 60 cm

L’ART Crewnecks

XS Height: 67 cm
Width: 56 cm
S Height: 69 cm
Width: 59 cm
M Height: 72 cm
Width: 64 cm
L Height: 73 cm
Width: 65 cm
XL Height: 74 cm
Width: 68 cm

L’ART Puffy jacket

S Height: 72 cm
Width: 47 cm
M Height: 73 cm
Width: 49 cm
L Height: 74 cm
Width: 50 cm
XL Height: 75 cm
Width: 50 cm

L’ART Short

S Height: 46 cm
Width: 32 cm
M Height: 50 cm
Width: 37 cm
L Height: 51 cm
Width: 39 cm
XL Height: 53 cm
Width: 42 cm

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